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Offwhite Mounts

  • A classic, no nonsense style, designed to show the beauty of natural hardwood, without detracting attention from the picture on display.


    They are finished in Osmo Polyx high solid oil, enhancing the beauty of the grain whilst providing water resistance and durability.  We only ever use this finish because in comparison to conventional applications, the natural vegetable oils and waxes allow for an even colouring and a harmonic, smooth surface.


    Our frames are glazed using 2mm acrylic.  Having shipped hundreds of frames we have never had a problem with this glaze.

    Compared to glass: it is easier to handle, cut, and trim, especially important with custom sizes.  It is more cost effective, as there is less waste and no breakages.  It is safer to put through the postal system, eliminating the risk of broken glass on your doorstep, and allowing us to ship more efficiently.  And finally, after I peel back the protective film from both sides, you will see it is crystal clear.


    All frames come with hanging hardware for both landscape and portrait.  Sizes up to and including 11" x 14" have strutted backs, allowing landscape or portrait standing. 

    Every piece of timber that I use is source from accredited suppliers, sawmills or timber merchants, that are either certified by PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

  • It all begins with the wood selection; we painstakingly ensure that visible faces get the VIP treatment.  This means four sides that sit naturally together and complement each other.  It's trickier than most people realise!


    Accurate profiling at the table saw and mitreing at the mitre saw, and we're ready for assembly.  Glue is applied to all 8 mitres, and joined using a band clamp (a special device for frames and irregular objects).

    Frames are then treated to a hidden spline inside each corner.  This does not seem like much but due to the mechanics of wood, these diagonal splines are essential for longevity and strengthen the frame by many times.


    Into the finishing room, frames are sanded to a fine grit on all sides, resulting in superior joinery and a fantastically smooth finish all round. You will not believe how tight each corner looks after they are sanded flush.  Every edge is softened slightly (This is called 'easing' the edges and it makes a world of difference to how the frame feels in your hands!)


    The final step, my favourite, is the application of oil:  The grain comes alive, the deep colour bursts through and the particular lustre of the species starts to shine. An amazing process I never get tired of.






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