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Delight your loved ones

With a truly personalised, bespoke gift, handcrafted from solid hardwood (oak/walnut)

with the gift of the year

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Delight your loved ones, with a timeless, one of a kind, and thoughtful gift, to mark and celebrate life's newest chapter

We make bespoke personalised ornaments and decor from solid woods like oak and walnut.

Using a blend of tech and tradition, we'll make a uniquely personal design, guaranteed to be on display for years, not buried in a drawer.

Result 1

Result 2

Result 3

First we take sumptuous solid woods.  With a little modern tech and some classic woodcraft, we create remarkable bespoke creations, guaranteed to truly leave your mark on the occasion

We combine modern tech with traditional woodcraft, creating bespoke, personalised items to celebrate life events

Guaranteed to boost your reputation as a great gift giver.

Give a gift guaranteed t bring delight for many years

Personalised thoughtful gifts, uniquely designed home decor

Always real wood, Always Handcrafted, Always remarkable

for great gift givers, and appreciators of real hardwood

Looking for a truly meaningful piece?  Looking for something naturally beautiful?

We use modern techniques and tools to create beautiful personal pieces

Choose from one of our customisable templates, or we can create a completely unique one of a kind piece just for you

We've been serving customers and clients since 2015.  How many customers/orders?

We started out with small picture frames, but like many online businesses we explored opportunities in other products and markets. Why did you start?

Often our most successful items have originated from a customer request or enquiry.

In what other ways have you developed or evolved over the 10 years?

What makes us so special?
Solid Real Wood

All our wood is solid hardwood sourced from British Hardwoods, a processor and distributor in the UK.

Our finished items never contain anything artificial or engineered like laminates, plywood, or MDF.

We have access to the following woods:
European Oak - ranges from light tan to biscuit or deep brown
American Black Walnut - ranges from a light brown to a dark chocolate hue

Yes our supplier is FSC and PEFC certified. Sustainable and responsible forestry is a core value.

Personal Design

Whether you've got this great idea your'e desparate to bring into reality, or you just want a little personal touch on something, we have the skills and tools to h

Perfectly Crafted

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