1. Do your frame sizes relate to the frame capacity, the external dimensions, or the visible area?

Conventionally, frames are sized according to the capacity of the picture they can hold.

The outer dimensions are therefore a little larger, depending on the border size.

The visible area is slightly smaller due to the lip that holds the glaze, the picture and the backing board all together.

As an example, a frame described as a 4"x 6" with a 3/4" (19mm) border will have the below technicals:

External dimensions, 5" x 7"

Internal capacity, 4" x 6"

Visible area, 3 1/2" x 5 1/2"

Which woods are available?  Are they FSC/PEFC approved?

Yes, all our wood is sourced from FSC/PEFC approved distributors in the United Kingdom:

We never use anything artificial such as laminates, plywood, or MDF

We have access to the following woods:

European Oak *

American Black Walnut *

American Ash *

Canadian Maple **

American White Oak **

American Cherry **

European Beech **

* Stocked

** Special Order (Additional lead times, plus minimum order quantity (MOQ) charges may apply)

How are your items finished?

All items are sanded to a fine grit, and finished using Osmo Polyx Oil in matt.

The finish is 'Micro-porous' which means that although the wood is protected, it can still breathe as it is not completely sealed as it would be with a varnish.  It also looks fantastic and really brings out the beauty of the grain in a natural way.

We do not use stains or dyes on our wood, unless there is a specific customer request to achieve a certain look.  We prefer to let the natural beauty of our premium materials come through unadulterated.

Do you frames come with glazing?  Is it glass or plastic?

All our frames are glazed.

Our standard glazing material is crystal clear, super safe, 2mm acrylic.

For larger frames > 11"x14" we use 3mm acrylic.


Compared to glass it is easier to handle, cut and trim.  It is more cost effective, as there is less waste and/or breakages to consider.  It is safer to put through the postal system, eliminating the risk of broken glass arriving at your doorstep, and allowing us to ship more efficiently.

And finally, its optical qualities are good.  We are more than happy to pair it with our frames.

What if I change my mind?

It's not a problem.  Please contact us as soon as possible, and we can arrange a cancellation or amendment straight away

Can I order a frame with glass or speciality glazing?

We welcome custom orders, and glazing upgrades will fall under this.

Just send us a custom order request form or an email an enquiry and we will provide a quote.

We have access to a fantastic supplier who can provide multiple levels of glazing upgrade, including various thicknesses, acrylics, glass*, UV protection, Anti Glare, Anti Reflective etc etc.

*Please note that we do not ship real glass.  It possible however to collect from us, or in some circumstances our glass supplier can deliver directly to you.

Do you offer discounts on bulk purchases?

Please feel free to contact us using our online form, live chat, email, or telephone.  We are happy to discuss your requirements and can offer sensible discounts on some orders.