Frames and Gifts, handmade from solid hardwood

Hi Andrew

I received the frames and just wanted to write a note of thanks and say how beautiful they are.  There's clearly a great degree of attention, care and craftsmanship.  Thanks very much, I look forward to making another order!

Michael, London

Lovely work Andrew, excellent craftsmanship, our frame arrived a few weeks ago and has worked perfectly.

Chris, Edinburgh

it looked great with my cross stitch, and my friends really liked it for their Wedding present

Anne, Cheshire

Hi Andrew, just to let you know that the frame arrived today. It's absolutely stunning, I'm so so thrilled. And the colour of the wood against the hues in the picture is beautiful.

Helena, Bedfordshire

Lots more reviews and feedback can be found over on Etsy. Follow the below links to our 2 Etsy stores:


A long story, full of twists, turns, improbable events, and chance meetings that led us here.  That's the same with any great tale, and ours is no different.  Infinite paths lead us forward, but only one is behind.

I've always enjoyed making stuff.  Electronic circuits as a kid, fantasy football leagues as a teen, car sound systems as a young adult.  So it should be no surprise that into my early 30's I set about making 12 little picture frames for frugal family Christmas presents.

I ended up taking one to work and somehow it came up in conversation with my now good friend and constantly bended ear, Paul.  "Have you ever heard of Etsy?",  "No, what's Etsy?" I replied.

The rest almost writes itself.  I listed a few, they sold.  A few more, a few more, and a few more.  Pretty soon I decided that this was what I wanted my life to be, and gradually migrated it from a 'bit of a hobby' into a genuine, all the fun, all the problems business.

If you love juggling marketing, sales development, dealing with suppliers, improving workshop processes, but most of all delighting customers with awesome products, maybe you should try it too? 

Andrew, November 2017

Way back in March 2017, I was a guest on the Marmalead podcast.

Marmalead is a tool for Etsy sellers so it was great to talk shop with like minded people.  Anyone who knows me will tell you I LOVE to talk about our business!!

Anyway, here is the link to the episode, where you can hear all about how things started and a few of the things I've tried that have worked well, and some that haven't!

  • Non standard sizes

  • Acid free mounts/mats

  • Special glazing (UV filtering/anti glare)

  • Full framed solutions

  • Replacement backs/glazing

  • Bulk orders

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